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Diversified Nano Solutions Corporation (DNCS) based in San Diego, California, specializes in developing and manufacturing nanomaterials and fluids used in high- performance functional inks for digital printing, custom applications, research and special effect surface applications. The DNSC’s x-nano ink product line provides a range of solutions that utilize dyes and nanopigments in long-term stable suspension, including MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition), visible and invisible Color Fluorescent /IR Absorbing and Special Pigmented/Hybrid Inks for food grade and non-food applications.

These digital inks support thermal and piezo print heads using aqueous, oil, energy curable (UV/LED), solvent and eco-solvent based inks. The company maintains manufacturing facilities in Europe and the USA.

DNSC INKcrypt® ink uses absolutely copysafe encryption based on custom biomarkers that can be authenticated with a simple test strip on the spot, by anyone, anywhere and anytime. The totally invisible INKcrypt® biomarkers allow positive authentication of originals by on-surface applied small tags (1/4 square inch) using ink or fluids containing the biomarkers. Both high value physical objects and liquids are easy & inexpensive to protect from counterfeiting starting at cost of less than $.01* per physical item tag and less than $10*/Liter of fluid.

* Subject to change