Diversified Nano Solutions, Corp.

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About us

Ink & Services. Diversified NANO Solutions Corporation (DNSC), based in San Diego, California, specializes in developing and manufacturing inks and fluids needed for printing, custom applications, research and special surfaces. DNSC’s ink portfolio is one of the most comprehensive in the market and includes: cmyk/spot-dye and pigment, MICR, Invisible IR and UV, food, textile and custom ink based on water, solvent and UV curing. DNSC inks are the preferred choice of leading printer manufacturers.

Biomarker Solutions

The smartINK™ Solution, an industry exclusive, integrates revolutionary INKcrypt® biomarker technology with digital inks and online tracking. smartINK™ enables instant proof-of-item identity and location tracking using an inexpensive test which can be performed by anyone. The solution helps individuals, brand owners and large enterprises grow market share and eliminate illicit trade. Copy-proof, unique biomarkers allow accurate differentiation of brand owners, items, supply chain events and more. Visit goinkcrypt.com to acquire and register custom INKcrypt® biomarkers and associated test kits. Registered users have flexibility to setup test requirements, such as login, location, phone number, entry of a specific PIN(s) and more. The system also allows for delivery of information, images, activation codes for value redemption and more.


DNSC inks and the smartINK™ Solution are compatible with piezo and thermal print heads from most print head manufacturers and print system makers: HP, Kyocera, Epson, Konica Minolta, Panasonic, Canon, Screen, Ricoh, Fuji Film, Xerox, Amica Systems, Domino, Pitney Bowes & more.