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Diversified Nano Solutions Corporation selected by Hewlett Packard Company to supply high performance MICR ink for the HP Inkjet Web Press.

Diversified Nano Solutions Corporation delivers new generation MICR ink for high speed color production inkjet printers to HP®.

San Diego, CA –  Diversified Nano Solutions Corporation (“DNSC”) is pleased to announce that Hewlett Packard Company (“HP”) has selected DNSC to supply high performance MICR ink (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) for use with HP’s high speed Inkjet Web Presses. Uniquely positioned in the industry, DNSC’s expertise and capabilities meet key MICR ink performance and manufacturer selection criteria.

DNSC’s MICR ink is designed for K-channel (black) print operation of inkjet printers.  In some specialized high-volume production inkjet printer configurations MICR ink capability is integrated based on a 5th print channel to magnetically functionalize select content on print items such as the bank code (MICR) line at the bottom of checks (E13B and CMC7 font),  barcodes/marks, security and authentication content for verification purposes. High speed full color digital inkjet presses are frequently deployed in transpromo, transactional and financial applications, where magnetically functional, personalized items can now be printed at full press speed in-stream with all other parts of a highly customized mono or full-color digital print job.  The fully integrated MICR ink process can save organizations significant cost of operation and ownership associated with highly personalized and customized MICR and non-MICR color inkjet printing applications.

DNSC’s water based MICR ink formulation for the HP Inkjet Web Press™ family offers multi-year shelf life, premium optical density, extreme light- and water-fastness, exceptional environmental compatibility and, most importantly, magnetic and physical properties which meet or exceed industry requirements. “We are pleased with HP’s confidence in DNSC’s capabilities to help enable key high speed digital MICR printing functionality for its T-series Inkjet Web Presses,” said Bruce Carnes, Director of Business Development at DNSC.

DNSC’s high performance MICR ink for the HP Inkjet Web Press™ T200, T300, T350 and T400 is available through HP® and its authorized channel partners. DNSC MICR ink for HP® inkjet platforms other than the Web Press are available through approved DNSC partners and select HP® solution providers.

About Diversified Nano Solutions Corporation

Diversified Nano Solutions Corporation (DNSC), based in San Diego California, specializes in developing and manufacturing nano materials for scientific use, industrial applications, bio-med solutions, and the production of high performance functional inks. The company’s bio-med group focuses on nano particle applications associated with controlled drug delivery and therapy based on magnetically vectorized bio-compatible nano structures. DNSC’s industrial division is specialized in developing and producing nano materials for invisible fluorescent inks (UV/IR), special pigmented/hybrid inks and MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) inks used primarily for dot-on-demand inkjet applications based on thermal and piezo print heads using aqueous, oil, energy curable (UV) or solvent based ink.

DNSC MICR ink solutions:  An Industry Choice!

DNSC’s MICR inks are the preferred choice for manufacturers of high speed inkjet presses utilizing piezo and/or thermal print heads by HP®, Lexmark®, Canon®, Epson®, Kodak®, Kyocera®, Panasonic®, Ricoh®, Konica Minolta®, Fujifilm Dimatix® and others.  DNSC commercializes its MICR ink products through select value-add system integrators and manufacturers of print systems and print heads utilizing inkjet technology.

Please contact info@diversifiednano.com for further information related to Diversified Nano Solutions Corporation, its solutions and services. 

Diversified Nano Solutions Corporation
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