x-nano™ Compatibility Overview
DNSC at Graph Expo 2016
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Introducing Revolutionary new INKcrypt™ for Digital Inks, Dispersions, Special Effect Pigments for use with inkjet, offset, flexo and gravure.
Black & Color | Magnetic MICR | Invisible Color | Fluorescent | Luminescent | Thermochromic | Photochromic | Food Grade | Textile & More

September 14, SAN DIEGO, CADiversified NANO Solutions Corporation (DNSC), will be exhibiting Digital Inks and special effect solutions for inkjet print systems by Canon (NYSE: CAJ), Ricoh, Hewlett Packard (NYSE: HPQ), Epson, Xerox (NYSE: XRX), Konica Minolta, Screen, Kyocera, Brother, Pitney Bowes (NYSE: PBI) and more at Graph Expo 2016 – September 25-28, at Orange County Convention Center – North, Orlando, Florida, Booth #2838.

DNSC is proud to introduce revolutionary INKcrypt™ identity ink-trace technology, based on advanced biological encryption to provide counterfeit elimination, highly sophisticated protection of brands, supply chain integrity, and authentication of physical items, documents and printed content broadly. Businesses, institutions and users now have the ability to uniquely transfer a permanent biologically encrypted identity to documents, tickets, tags, labels, materials, branded products, IDs/badges, checks and virtually any printed output by using INKcrypt® Ink with built-in biological identity tracers. Unlike conventional anti-counterfeiting and tracking methods, adoption of INKcrypt® provides ultimate reliability and protection without requiring any changes to an existing print workflow. No additional print passes, non-standard procedures and/or verification steps! The unique biologically encrypted identity is transfered with the same ink which is used for printing the print job. On-the-spot authentication is performed with INKcrypt® Qtouch™, an instant test for positive INKcrypt® Ink identification. INKcrypt® is eco-friendly, harmless to human health (FDA compliant) and compatible with the entire portfolio of x-nano™ Digital Inks suitable for dot-on-demand inkjet systems, offset, flexo, gravure and hand held writing instruments. In addition to instant physical INKcrypt® Ink verification, the system is backed by an online validation platform to authenticate Qtouch™ test devices and matching INKcrypt® Ink, anytime, anywhere! INKcrypt® Ink and Qtouch™ test devices are available to validated subscribers worldwide.

Based in San Diego, California, with manufacturing facilities in the US and Europe, DNSC specializes in developing and manufacturing Digital Inks, nano materials and fluids for high-resolution, high-performance digital inkjet printing. DNSC provides unique ink development services, research and turnkey ink supply and fulfillment solutions reaching end users, resellers and printer manufacturers worldwide. DNSC has developed an extensive product line under the x-nano™ brand, providing a range of solutions including high quality, low cost value black & color dye inks (V-Series), elite pigment inks (E-Series), special ultra-fast-dry-inks (S-Series), magnetic MICR inks (K-Series), invisible fluorescent color (RGB) inks, infrared-absorbing inks (I-Series), and special inks for food grade, textile and special effect applications (F-, T-, and X-Series). The company's Digital Inks target dot-on-demand inkjet applications based on thermal and piezo print heads using aqueous, oil, energy curable (UV/LED) and eco-solvent based inks.

DNSC offers a wide array of inkjet inks supporting direct mail, transactional, transpromo, books, catalogs/magazines, ticket, tags, labels and graphics printing applications. DNSC is uniquely positioned to help users create differentiated, high-value output through personalization using x-nano™ special effect inks such as magnetic (MICR), invisible fluorescent, spot color and security inks for thermal & piezo digital inkjet platforms.

The company supports its ink offerings with accessories to facilitate and aid x-nano™ ink use and applications. These include specialty substrates, UV display lights, INKVERSE™ Infinite Ink Infuser — a revolutionary and cost effective way to adopt and deliver Digital Inks to existing and new inkjet systems via a continuous delivery ink supply system, and TransChrome™ — an invisible color image generator software to transform CMYK into UV fluorescent RGB output, and more.

New to Graph Expo 2016, is DNSC X-Series, a new family of pigment powders and dispersions to serve as base components for custom development and production of ink, paint, paste, dispersion, gel, cream and powder. These special effect base materials photo-luminesce, fluoresce, absorb IR, and change color with light or heat. X-Series materials have highly customizable properties that allow for various exceptionally unique market applications associated with digital and non-digital printing applications. Also new are food grade and textile pigment powders, both available in a large variety of colors that are ideal for ink (digital, offset, flexo), paint, paste dispersions, gel and powder components ideal for custom food and textile market applications.

DNSC will be showcasing revolutionary INKcrypt® identity ink-trace technology, its line of black & color, magnetic, invisible, special effect, and security inks for the world's leading inkjet print systems in the desktop, commercial and industrial inkjet space. Here you can learn about X-Base Global™, DNSC's new ink manufacturing license program for high-performance on-demand Digital Inks to enhance quality and shelf life, to save on inventory and product costs. Quick-start with X-Base dispersions and standard off-the-shelf DNSC X-Base cofactor solutions, or develop and use your own suitable ink solvent add-ins, to fast track your ink production.

Visit Team DNSC at Booth #2838 and discover DNSC "digital INKS unlimited!"


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